A Commerce Student’s Internship At An Architecture Firm That Changed His Life

An internship is often thought of as a gateway to the realm of professional growth and self-discipline. To say that Worksphere Architects has catalysed these changes in me would be a gross understatement, as Worksphere has helped me with so much more. Worksphere has instilled a set of core values that I am confident will form a strong foundation upon which I can erect a successful career.

Reliability: The Cornerstone of Success

In a field as dynamic and evolution-prone as architecture and design, reliability will always be paramount to the firms that make it. Although this may be a general rule of thumb in the industry, Worksphere Architects insists that this value permeate even the most minute aspect of both, the organization as well as its employees. From the first day of my internship, I was immersed in an environment that prioritized consistency, accountability, and the fulfillment of commitments.

While working closely with architects both freshers and experienced, I learned the importance of meeting deadlines, delivery of quality work, and being a dependable teammate. The culture of reliability at Worksphere was infectious, and never failed to inspire my desire to set high standards not just for my work, but also for myself.

Responsiveness: Meeting Challenges Head-On

The field of architecture is one that consistently demands adaptability and responsiveness from the creator of a project. Worksphere ingrained in me the ethos of welcoming challenges with both arms wide open. Needless to say, there was absolutely no room whatsoever for procrastination or indecisiveness at a fast-paced firm like Worksphere.

The team-based nature of the firm enabled me to observe and learn how to adapt and respond quickly to unforeseen circumstances. My mentors and seniors not only encouraged proactiveness when tackling a problem, but also demonstrated the vitality of effective and efficient communication in overcoming obstacles. These learnings will undoubtedly be invaluable in the future, as they have equipped me with the ability to think on my feet while making informed decisions.

Assurance: Building Confidence in Every Blueprint

Every single design and blueprint that leaves the offices of Worksphere Architects and reaches the offices of a client is filled to the brim with assurance. The commitment to quality, accuracy, and precision that I witnessed in just my first week had a lasting impression on me. Throughout the duration of my internship, I had the privilege of contributing to projects in a way that made me feel like anything but an intern.

The assurance instilled in me by Worksphere does not extend to only the confidence to express ideas or seek feedback. It also drives me to constantly and consistently climb the ladder of improvement. Feedback at Worksphere is given a high amount of consideration, and criticism was always contructive and supportive. The feedback culture at Worksphere fosters an environment that actively celebrates assurance in one’s abilities.

Empathy: Designing Spaces with a Human Touch

There is more to architecture and design than just constructing buildings. It is about creating spaces that genuinely resonate with the people who inhabit them. The importance of empathy in design is not lost on Worksphere Architects, and has been a tremendous aspect of my internship experience.

The guiding light behind every project undertaken by Worksphere has been the value of empathy. The social responsibility that Worksphere takes upon itself taught me a valuable lesson of architecture – every design and blueprint is a human story waiting to be told. It is a story that is narrated by the hands and listened to by the eyes. This empathetic approach has not only shaped my professional skills, but it has also moulded my worldview, with an emphasis on the impact architecture has on individuals and communities as a whole.

Worksphere Architects: A Crucible for Professional Growth

It would be an understatement to say that Worksphere Architects has been a platform for my improvement as an employee; in reality, it has been a crucible for my holistic professional growth. The collaborative and inclusive work culture of the firm not only encouraged me to voice my ideas, but also to learn from my mistakes and continuously persevere for excellence. The invaluable mentorship of the senior architects provided me with equally invaluable insights into the corporate landscape and how to scale the heights.

Worksphere Architects firmly believes in employee development. This strong belief cultivated various soft skills in me, such as effective communication, leadership & team-leading, and time management. The result of instilling these skills is that I am now a well-rounded professional who is ready to confidently face the various challenges thrown my way by the corporate world.

Facing the Corporate Landscape with Confidence

Worksphere has been more than simply a workspace; it has been a training ground where I have learnt about professionalism in its purest and truest sense. The values of reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and others that I imbibed during my internship have now become a core part of my identity as a professional.

The colossal sense of confidence ingrained in me by Worksphere has enabled me to step into the corporate landscape with an eagerness to look forward to whatever is heading my way and face it head on. Challenges that once seemed daunting are now welcome by me with open arms, knowing that the skills I have acquired will allow me to face problems head on, while cementing my place in the corporate world.

In Conclusion

My internship at Worksphere has been more than just an experience – it has been a transformative journey that sculpted not just my technical skills but also played a major role in forming my values. It shaped me into a professional with a deep sense of reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy. Apart from being a platform to learn and grow, Worksphere has also prepared me to face the dynamic corporate landscape with unwavering confidence in the face of pressure. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for the opportunities, mentorship, and values that Worksphere Architects has bestowed upon me, and I look forward to applying these lessons in my future endeavours.

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