J. P. Agarwal


“Great designs are a result of whole-hearted commitment right from inception to execution.”

Better known as “JP”, he is our source of inspiration. With such a rich and diverse experience, he is the guiding force for all. Graduated in architecture from MS University of Baroda in 1986 with two gold medals for Best Design Performance & Best Overall Performance, his works have been published in Leading Architectural Magazines and in “Golden Hands” covering selected 15 Architects works. He has served as Jury member for most of the National Level Architectural awards number of Times and for the Elite Institutions. For his contribution in “Sustainable Architecture”, he has been awarded “Better City Better Life” award. He has received number of National level architecture awards which includes A+D & Spectrum Architecture awards, Ultratech Excellence awards and Achievers awards.

Despite his innumerable awards and achievements, his modesty is acknowledged by one and all. Always seen with a smile on his face, he puts everyone at ease. An ardent reader at heart, he enjoys playing tennis whenever he manages to get time.

Kalhan Mattoo


Architect Kalhan, is a leading design professional with over 50 international, national awards, numerous authored articles, publications, work exhibitions and media coverage to his credit. He is frequently invited to speak at industry forums and takes avid interest in initiatives that benefit the design and construction community.

Experience of over twenty years at the helm of Planet 3 Studios has given him unique insights about the issues that confront the industry. He believes that the current skill set and consequent employability of young professionals leaves a lot desired and that needs to be addressed with some out-of-box thinking.

Kalhan conceived the idea of a Structured Internship Program that would make the Architect students, profession ready in an accelerated manner through focused constructivist learning hosted by leading studios.

Parag Kendrekar


Graduated from Sir JJ college of Architecture, Parag worked as partner with a Design Firms in Mumbai and later worked for well known Developers like Runwal and Lodha Developers in Mumbai .He was the Associate Vice Present -Design  in Lodha  Group for couple of years in which he had the opportunity to go thru the ‘ behind the scene’ working of a Project development . He was lucky enough to co work with best of the national & international  Town Planner, Architects & Consultants to conceive Large scale developments  which included Palava a 1600 acres Township  near Mumbai . Parag comes with a  key acumen  of Project  Development Strategy & Optimization in every aspect of Project Development.

Pranav Desai


Gaurish Chandawarkar


“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly.”

Graduate from Sir. J.J. College of Architecture, Mumbai, he has developed a niche for himself in the field of Landscape Design. His sensitive outlook towards environment has resulted in landscape developments that are sustainable. He is also the principal of IES College of Architecture. His sheer dedication and hard work combined with synergic blend of creativity has resulted in many great designs and he was honored for completion of Landscape Development of the sports stadium for the Commonwealth Youth Games 2008 in Pune.

The ever enthusiastic and energetic, Gaurish is known for the aura of positivity he creates around himself. Always eager to learn, he likes to read about new concepts and explore new ideas. This is reflected not only in his designs but also in his teaching.

Padmapani Tilwe


“Key lies in the execution and not the idea.”

For more than fifteen years, Padmapani has been about setting high standards for life, creativity, and wisdom. The calmness and reticence that he exudes into his surroundings masks his seemingly endless quest: an odyssey in search of excellence and perfection. This journey of his has witnessed more than 600 projects, driven by his belief in a necessary synergy between an idea and its execution as the key to success.

Padmapani believes his main forte to be design, execution & openness to exploring new ideas; a trait that he had nurtured since his graduation days at S.P.S.M.B.H’s College of Architecture, Kolhapur. While India needs to mature in its architectural developments, the possibilities are exciting. It is this excitement that Padmapani carries into his daily professional work with the motive of challenging the perceived boundaries.

He is passionate about travelling and exploring new places in general and also related to culture and architecture. In his leisure time he enjoys reading..

Rajesh Mehra


Graduated from SPSMBH’s College of Architecture, Kolhapur, he has an experience of more than 15 years in Industrial Architecture. He has acquired specialization in Industrial and Farm projects. He is responsible for Industrial Design within the organization. He is also involved in educational activity of being a visiting faculty to architectural colleges. He believes that Architecture is an inexact science, our constant endeavor is to simplify and rationalize it.

Swapnil Sawant


“A great design is all about listening to clients and applying our heart”

Graduate from Sir J. J. College of Architecture Mumbai, Swapnil has an experience of more than 15 years in the industry. He is ever-energetic, enthusiastic and charismatic. One will never fail to notice the aura of positivity he creates around him and how he that infuses the same energy not only in the team but also in the clients. He brings with him a set of values and principles that has been responsible for the tremendous growth of the organization without compromising with the soul of the organization. The initiator of best practices, he is the driving force behind the innovation in the organization.

His passion for his work and desire to learn is exhibited in his belief that each day should be made better than yesterday by learning something new. He believes in educating and empowering people around him; creating entrepreneurs and leaders so make a bigger impact to the society and with this vision he has been associated with many colleges where he serves as a visiting faculty. When he is not working he likes to devote his time to his family, books and sketching.


Urvi Lodaya

Associate Director

“God lies in detail”- Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

With a professional experience of more than 7 years in the field of design after having attained a B’Arch in Interior design from the reputed CEPT University, Ahmedabad and M.A. Product Design from University of Central England, Birmingham, Urvi is a Project Head at Worksphere.

Her primary role is to manage the project right from the inception till its execution, encompassing design, execution and ensuring client satisfaction. Her professional expertise includes interior design and execution in Retail, Commercial and Residential domain. She believes in focus on details, be it in design, in execution, in management and in relationships will ensure successful, satisfactory and self-enlightening projects. Ensuring that this attention to detail becomes a working culture within her team, it leads to successful delivery of projects. A believer of system driven approach, she believes in well educating the client which in turn helps them take an informed decision.

Fun loving and very balanced as a person; Urvi is a role model for excellent time management. An ardent reader and traveler at heart, she likes exploring new places. Her tremendous multi-tasking skills are reflected in the way she manages the work pressure, makes times for family and at the same manages time to pursue her hobbies.

Vibha Ponkshe

Associate Director

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”

A graduate from S.N.D.T. Women’s University, Mumbai, Vibha’s competency is Interior Designing and Project Management. With an eye for detail and an experience in design of over 10 years, she brings a human touch to all her designs. Giving very high importance to client satisfaction, she along with her team ensures that there is no deviation in the project design and deadline. It is her relationship with her clients that has ensured repeat business for the organization. Highly experienced in commercial and retail interiors, she has been instrumental for developing the retail vertical in the organization.

Her strength as a person is reflected in how she dons the mantle of a super-woman. From managing the deadlines at work, to being the project head who nurtures and guides her team, to being available for family at all times, she is seen as a source of motivation by many.